Culley's 1-10 Hot Sauce Full Set

Culley's 1-10 Hot Sauce Full Set

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Love a bit of Chilli? Covering every heat level and flavour profile the Culley's 1-10 Bundle is great a way to expand your flavour pallet and you build up your spice tolerance.


Each set comes complete with:

1x Culley's No.1 - Sweet Chilli Sauce

1x Culley's No.2 - Smoked Hickory Hot Sauce

1x Culley's No.3 - Verde Green Chilli Hot Sauce

1x Culley's No.4 - Mexican Chipotle Hot Sauce 

1x Culley's No.5 - Fiery Sriracha Hot Sauce

1x Culley's No.6 - Louisiana Habanero Hot Sauce

1x Culley's No.7 - Tropical Caribbean Hot Sauce

1x Culley's No.8 - Chipotle Reaper Hot Sauce

1x Culley's No.9 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

1x Culley's No.10 Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce