Aunty Marina's Burnt Sugar Steamed Pudding

Kiwi Cookers Favourite Steamed Pudding Recipe

“I’m helping myself to that steam pudding...geesh the blaaaardy thing made me homesick lol...I havnt had a decent real deal steam pudding in at least 10 yrs” Charlie Kahukiwa


                        Single Batch                  Double batch                    Quad batch

Makes:           2x 800g Puddings        3.5 x 800g Puddings          7 x 800g Puddings

                        (16-32 serves)                (28-56 serves)                   (56-112 serves)

Flour                    390g                                780g                                  1560g

Sugar                   370g                                740g                                  1480g

Baking Soda       1tsp                                  2tsp                                    4tsp

Butter                  250g                                500g                                   1kg

All Spice              1tsp                                  2tsp                                    4tsp

Eggs                      3                                       6                                         12

 Average cost = $3.80 per pudding + labour and cooking 

Burnt Sugar ingredients:

Sugar                  4Tblsp                              8Tblsp                                 16Tblsp

Water                 1 Cup                                2 Cup                                  4 Cup

To make the Burnt sugar syrup, add Sugar into the bottom of a pot and cook on high until you can smell the Sugar start to burn and see it blacken then add Water (Cooking to long will make it taste too burnt and bitter). Leave to rest until needed


-Place Flour, Sugar, Baking Soda and all spice into a large mixing bowl.

-Rub Butter (room temp/ soft) into the mix until it resembles breadcrumbs

-Make a well in the centre then add 3 beaten Eggs

-Add Burnt Sugar syrup and mix through. You should have a runny cake mix consistency

-Place oven bags in your Pudding Tins and then fill 2/3rds and loosely tie off the bag

-Steam for 2 hours in a Water bath or in the top of your basket while you cook a Keg Hangi

-Enjoy Hot or leave overnight to set


Full recipe credit to Marina Te Hei and Cheers for the choice recipe. We love it and so do our customers!

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