Paraoa Parai (Fried Bread)


Perfect for Hāngi Burgers or the side. A great sweet treat when dipped in Golden Syrup.

Prep time 1.5 hours
Cooking time 30mins
Feeds 8-10

Flour x4 cups (1 cup extra for rolling out on the bench)
Dried yeast 3x table spoon
Sugar 3x table spoon
Warm water 2x cup
Vegetable oil for frying
Pinch of salt
What you will need:
Measuring cup
Kiwi Cooker, or heavy base pot/pan for frying
Table spoon
A10 tin (10cm diameter, like the big fruit tins)
Paper towels
Spider or wok strainer
Large bowl x1
Smaller bowl x1
Rolling pin


1)In a small bowl combine warm tap water with the sugar and yeast and put aside for about 15 mins
2)Add 4 cups of flour to large bowl
3)Add wet ingredients to the flour and mix together gently with a spoon until combined
4)Cover the dough mixture with a tea towel and keep somewhere nice and warm for 60 - 90 mins
5)Dust your counter top and rolling pin with flour
6)Scrape out the dough on to the flour and gently knead, add some flour to your hands to stop it sticking.
7)Roll out dough to desired thickness and use a tin to cut out your portion sizes, combine scraps and repeat process
8)Shallow fry on a low temperature (140-150 degrees) until golden brown on both sides


ENJOY! Credit to Gary Anderson's video on Youtube. His recipe has been our favourite to make.

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