KCCommercial Operation Guide for Prepacked Hangi

Set Up:

-We recommend setting up your cooker outdoors on a sealed surface and well ventilated, ideally sheltered from the elements (wind and rain).

-It is important to check all gas hose connections are nice and tight, spray soapy water on connections and look for bubbles. No bubbles, No gas leak

-Igniting your burner: We recommend placing your 4-ring burner on the ground and in a well ventilated area, Turn on the centre ring only and ignite with a kitchen lighter. Place burner into the bottom of the cooker then turn on the other burners slowly starting from the centre working your way out.

-While cooking the KCC will get very HOT, we recommend wearing oven mitts when opening the door and handling the trays. It is recommended that small children be kept well away from the cooker.

-When opening the cooker to load, unload, or check your kai, it’s important to be careful when opening the door and stand back with your face away. A lot of hot steam and air will bellow out as you open it.


Getting the cooker ready:

This is to be done 35-45mins before your first baskets go in, as you get your prepacks ready.

1) Open the cooker, remove baskets and set aside

2) Fill water tray with 30L of water or to marked water line

3) Ignite the burner as per instructions above then place under your water tray.

4) Turn all 4 rings on fully


Prepping your prepacks:

We recommend that your meat is at room temperature when you put it in your packs for a nice tender Hangi. It is important to cut your veggies correctly to avoid uncooked bits in your finished product.

-Cut Cabbage into thin slices. Cut the pumpkin portions no more than 2cm thick and then approx. 70g in size. Cut Kumara and Potato portions into 35-40g in size and no more than 2cm thick.

-We suggest using meat portions like Chicken drum and thigh with Lamb or Pork chops roughly 100g in size


Pack Layout:

Please find examples of a functional lay out for your prepacks below.

1) Line the bottom of your trays with approx. 70g of finely sliced Cabbage

2) Add 1x 70g Pumpkin, 2 x 35g Kumara, 2 x 35 Potato to the middle of the tray

3) Add your Chicken on one side and Pork/Lamb on the other side (ours were a bit big so we cut them in half)

4) Place down your stuffing portions on to the veges and pat down (Stuffing is the key to gaining a Hangi flavour in prepacks. See www.kiwicookers.com.au for our recipe). Liquid smoke is recommended for a more smoky flavour.

5) Wrap neatly in foil and load into the baskets. (We recommend wrapping the top in foil as opposed to using the lids provided as it cooks better and quicker)

Consistency with each pre-pack will help all 150 packs cook evenly throughout and at the same time.


Loading your baskets and cooking:

- As you finish packing your baskets load the centre 3 baskets then 30mins later add the top and bottom baskets. This will ensure that the cooker temperature remains high and cooks evenly throughout.

- Close up the cooker for further 2.5 hours

-Add 10L more water then close up and leave to cook for a further 1.5 hours

-Open up the cooker and check the centre packs of the centre tray to make sure that they are cooked. If cooked, you can get ready to serve. If not close for a further 30mins.

We recommend allowing yourself a 1 hour window between the end of the cook  and your intended serving time.

Time to enjoy your Kai! We hope you have enjoyed using your Kiwi Commercial Cooker.

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  • Do you sell the commerical hangi cookers 150-225 , if so could you please send me some information please . I am in south Australia how much would it cost to get delivered to 5725. Is it 225 tin foil trays capable ?


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