Kiwi Cooker Style Stuffing

Prep time:15 mins
Feeds upto 10-12

Ingredients: Small grated carrot x2 Finely diced small - medium onion x4 Bread Crumbs x3 cups Minced garlic x2 tsp Salted butter x 250g grams Diced fresh Thyme x20g (3-4 table spoons) Dried Kawa Kawa x1 table spoon Salt to taste What you will need: 1x knife 1x grater 1x Large sized frying pan/pot 2x small pieces of string 1x muslin cloth (approx. 50cm) Method 1) Add butter, grated carrots, sliced onions and garlic to a frying pan and cook on low heat until the onions are clear (3-4 mins) 3) Add herbs and sauté for 2 more minutes, then remove from heat 4) Combine wet ingredients with dry ingredients 5) For best results we recommend using a 30cm length of damp muslin cloth, filling the centre with your delicious stuffing and tying of each end with string (similar to a sausage) 6) For best results in our Kiwi Cooker, we sit the stuffing bag on top of our veggies, then cover with a damp Kiwi Cookers hessian cover.


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