Krystlle Cosgrove's LWK burnt sugar steam pudding recipe

♥️Krystlle Cosgrove's LWK burnt sugar steam pudding recipe♥️

What u will need
•4 large eggs
•1/2 cup of golden syrup
•250g butter
(230g for mix 20g to grease tins)
•1 cup of soft brown sugar
•2 cups of white sugar
•4 cups of plain flour
•1-2 tsp of ground ginger
•1-2 tsp of mixed spice or all spice
(Spices are optional )
•1 1/2 cups of milk
•4 tsp of baking soda
•3 tbsp of plum jam
•1 cup of hot water
•1 tea bag (optional)


Burnt sugar:
Boil the jug and put 1 cup of hot boiled water with 1 tea bag aside to brew. Add 1 cup of white sugar to a non stick pot & put on high until it starts melting around the sides then start stirring mix until it's a syrup breaking any prices of hard sugar up .Wait until its all melted & starts bubbling once it starts to smoke a little put your face over pot if it makes your eyes water take it off the heat .(note if you like a dark more bitter taste then cook your sugar longer)
Being careful -Add half a cup of boiled water & slowly mix through the hot sugar BE CAREFUL YOU DONT GET BURNT it will make a lot of steam .Add the other half a cup of hot water to mix then add 1/2 cup of golden syrup and let it sit to cool down.
Now to start on your wet mix.

Wet mix:
In a bowl whisk 4 eggs and add 1 1/2 cups of milk, 4 tsp of baking soda, 2 tsp of ground ginger and 2 tsp of mixed spice. Put aside for later now to do your dry mix.

Dry mix:
In a separate bowl add 4 cups of plain shifted flour with 1 cup of white sugar and 1 cup of brown sugar. Add 230g of room temp soft butter(not melted) to your dry mix and using your hands rub butter into flour mix until you get a fine crumble like consistency (make sure u get all the lumps out ) or use a electric hand mixer 😁

Make a well in the middle and add your milk/egg
wet mix & combined well.
Add half of your burnt sugar syrup & jam mix well.
Add remaining sugar syrup
You want a pan cake type mixture consistency with zero lumps.
Taste your mix if your mix taste amazing not cooked then it will be so good cooked .

Grease your tins with 20g of butter or margarine if you aren't confident then use a oven bag and tie it of at the top leaving enough room for the pudding to rise 😁I don't use bags as I like to have a nice round pudding that has that spot on look.
This mixture make 2 standard milk formula tins. Half mixture if you wish to make just one tin. Baby milk tins work best but u can use milo tins or the big fruit salad tins.(Note do not use tins with white wall inside as they can make you sick if they reach a dangerous temperature while using )
If u don't have tins then use a cake tin ,oven bag or pot with no handles or rice cooker pot .

Add half the mix to one tin and the other half to the other Tin.

Cut a piece of tin foil and place on the top of the tins folding sides down then remove foil and with your hand make a fist and place foil over your hand to create a dome this will help if your pudding rises to much. Place back on tin. Place 2 rubber bands on each tin to hold down the tin foil.
If your tins are filled past halfway with mixture then you need to make sure the top foil has enough room for the pudding to rise above the top of the tin.

Use a large thick bottom pot with a lid that is big enough to fit both tins under without the top of the pudding hitting the lid.
Put your tins in the pot and fill to a quarter way high on your tins with hot boiled water ( this is the steam to cook the pudding).
Cook on high until water starts boiling. Once it starts boiling bring the heat down to half way and leave to steam for 2 hours .
Check your pudding at 2 hours using a rod if it comes out clean it's cooked if not. give it a extra 30mins .(don't use a knife to check)
Before the 2 hour mark you should start to smell the pudding aroma.

Let pudding cool down for 15mins b4 turning out if you can wait😂 .if you turn it out when it's to hot it will likely break😔
Best served with heaps of cream and real custard.
Enjoy and happy cooking

All my recipes are from the heart & I have put so much time into sharing them with everyone .Please don't use my hard work for personal gain or share it as your own. Always acknowledge where you have learnt something from kia ora
Krystlle Cosgrove

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