Commercial Cooker

Commercial Cooker

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Looking to feed 200 people, or cook 150 prepacked hāngis with ease?                             

The KCC is perfect for Sports club and School fundraisers, Birthdays, Events, your existing business or starting your Side Hustle.

We provide full instuction on the best way to Prep, Cook and Clean your cooker as well  as guides on costings and added values for fundraising. 

Our KCCommercial cooker comes complete with:

-The Cooker Unit

-5x 800mm w x 650mm L x 100mm H  Baskets

-Water/Rock tray 100mm deep, 45L

-Large 4 ring gas burner.

-150 Foil trays included free for your first cook    

The only thing you will need to supply is a gas bottle. We use a swap and go 9kg bottle and can cook 150 prepacks in 4.5 hours with 2x cooks per bottle costing around $15 per cook to run.

12month warrenty included.

Cooker dimensions: 920mm w x 715mm l x 1210mm H. 100kg

Inquire today with your location to for a shipping quote around Aus or NZ